Sunday, 24 August 2014

Minecraft Party!

Back in Febuary, it was my Brothers Birthday, after he decided he didn't want to do anything for his birthday, my auntie and I decided to throw him a Minecraft Party. It was mostly family, but his best friend from school also came. My auntie took my brother, his friend and a couple of our cousins, to the play factory while the rest of us set up the surprise.
 We decorated the living room in Minecraft themed decorations. You can't buy minecraft party decoration, so me and my cousin spent ages making paper crafts, banners, balloons, plates, cups and even a life size creeper for the party! 


My mam found the pig and cow teddies and even though they aren't the exact ones from Minecraft I think they looked great and adds to the theme. 
I spent ages trying to get this to look like a creeper face and straight! Even though it isn't straight that much I am very happy with the way it turned out and no one mentioned the fact that it wasn't straight. 


We used black balloons and crepe paper to create spiders around the room. These were really easy, just get a tall person to help!  I got this idea from 

My cousin and I spent days making this creeper as it wouldn't dry! All you need; a box for the head, a long tall box for the body and two small boxes for the feet. For the face we used black tape, but you could use paint. My brother actually still has this stood in his bedroom still, so he loves it! 


As you can see in the background of this picture we added creeper faces to the ballons, some faces were added with tape and some with black marker pen. Both work fine. The Happy Birthday sign can be found here

We printed out colouring in pictures of the internet in minecraft themes for the younger children to do. The cookies are for the children to 'decorate their own Steve'. Also we have pass the parcel for the children to win prizes!

This amazing idea was found here  They are just party poppers with minecraft themed wrappers around and I found these to be sooo cute!


For food, we decided it would be really cool to make or minecraft themed and this is what I came up with...


I made these marshmallow ghasts and the kids aboslutely loved them. All you have to do I get a white marshmallow and cut at the base three small line and then decorate with icing for the face. They are really easy to do but look great. I got this idea from here:


In the game you can eat fish, pork chops and chicken, so for fish we used chocolate fish and fish fingers, for pork chop we used sausage rolls and for chicken we used chicken dippers.


We used carrots obviously for carrots, chocolate sticks and fingers for sticks and I found this really cool idea in making a TNT box and putting red cables in for TNT. Which I thought looked really cool.

We had cookies, used golden coins for gold and blue millions for diamons. I was so stuck for red stone and emerald, we ended up using jelly beans in green and red. 


For drinks we decide to dye juice green and call it creeper juice to add to the theme.


There is no popcorn in the game but I found this sign and decided to use it anyway. I also made mini cupcake and decorated with edible photos of characters from minecraft which I found on ebay. 


 I didn't want to put each different block on each tray so I put all the types of blocks I made on one big tray. These include marshmallow squares, milk chocolate square, white chocolate squares and mars bar cake squares. This was my first time making marshmallow square and it was absolutely delicious.


These coal blocks may look really weird but they are actually just marshmallow blocks with a bit of black food colouring and rolled into balls. 

These mushrooms are marshmallows dipped in red icing and topped with broken bit of white chocolate buttons. I got this idea from

This was my brothers cake that I made and he absolutely loved it, I saw the tutorial on youtube and attempted to do it.


We had minecraft set up on the TV for them to play. 
Along with party dances and games. 


                                           Here is the Birthday Boy! 

Here is some links to labels and paper crafts I used:

I got lots of the ideas from this blog so go check it out. 

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