Sunday, 31 August 2014

Teddy Bear Cupcakes

Obviously, I'm no baker, but I thought that these could be made with children or for children. We made these for a teddy bear picnic for the children. They are in the flavours chocolate, because it's my favourite, and vanilla, because it's my cousins favourite. 
For the chocolate bears you will need: 
Chocolate cupcakes either homemade or bought
Chocolate icing either bought or homemade
Chocolate buttons 
Chocolate drops 
Colourful sweets, we found ours at Asda
And chocolate sprinkles  
These are really easy to make you spread some icing over the cooled cake, sprinkle the chocolate sprinkles on top to look like fur. Then you take two chocolate buttons, one for the nose, and cut the other in half for the ears. Finally use a chocolate drop on to of the chocolate button for the nose and give you chocolate bear eyes. 


For the vanilla bears, you will need: 
Vanilla cakes either bought or homemade
White icing either bought or homemade
White chocolate buttons 
Chocolate drops
Colourful sprinkles 
And the colourful sweets we used for the chocolate bears eyes. 
And a optional buttons with sprinkles on. 


First you need to spread the icing onto the cake and add the sprinkles, for this way I used the chocolate drops as eyes, sprinkled buttons for ears, a white chocolate button for the nose and a colourful sweet for the nose. 
On this one I changed it by using the sweets for eyes and the chocolate drop for the nose.
On some I used plain white chocolate buttons for ears, or used the sprinkled buttons for the nose. I thought I gave each bear an individual look.

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