Saturday, 8 November 2014

Collective Haul: Primark, New Look, Superdrug, Wilkinsons, and Poundland

When I went home from uni for a week, I went shopping with my family and this is what I bought!

The first stop was primark, I actually also bought a top for my little brother but tht is back home so I couldn't take a picture of it. 

I bought three bras which were all £2 each, actually the grey one was supposed to be £2.50 but was on sale for £2. These colours I think are so pretty and remind me of christmas and winter time. I love wearing red in winter, it makes me feel so festive.
Also from primark I bought a new pair of black plimsoles, for only £3 I love these, they don't last that long but they are so comfy and they are the cheapest black plimsoles I have found. The only problem is you have to wear those tiny socks that only go on your toes with them. I also bought a pug mug for £1.50 and a pug tea towel for £1. I am obsessed with pugs and for such a cheap price I had to have them. My mam also bought the pug mug and tea towel as she is just as obsessed as I am. 


The next shop I bought something from was new look. I absolutely love new look for clothes, shoes, bags, everything. I think the quality is great and they are always having sales on. Everything I bought was in the sale. I bought a black pencil dress for £3, two dungaree dresses one was £3 and one was £7. I bought both of them as one was more floaty and soft and the other was more structured.  I also bought a crop for £1. £1! I could not fall of for that. 
I also bought these shoes for £7, I wanted these shoes for ages but everytime I went in they didn't have my size, luckily, this time the one pair they had was my size! 


Next we went to superdrug, I bought some VO5 dry shampoo was £1.78 aand 2 superdrug body sprays which were 50p each. I didn't even know VO5 had a dry shampoo, I always used the batise one, but this was on offer so I bought this one. 


We went into wilkinsons, where I bought from the fruits range, shampoo and conditioner in strawberry and pomegranate at £1.50 each. These were 3 for 2, I also bought my brother a bath bomb, as my cousin and sister bought bath bombs from lush, so he wanted one so I bought him one from here. I also got the clean and clear, deep action cream wash for £3. I was running out of this, so I picked up a new bottle. 


From poundland I bought a room diffuser in apple and cinnamon, I love the smell of apple and cinnamon it reminds me so much of christmas I love it. I also got a pack of 3 razors, I already used one and they are so good, such a close shave, amazing for £1. 


I also got a pug money bank, he's so cute I couldn't resist. 
Just look, how cute is he! 

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