Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Boxing Day Sales: George at Asda Haul

On Boxing Day, I went with my mum and my sister to Asda to have a look at there sales. Asda is only 2 minutes away from us, so I decided to have a quick look. I say quick look, we were there ages and by bank balance suffered from it. This is what I bough for myself, my sister also bought herself some things and my mum bought my brother quite a few bits, but I didn't really want to show you them, so this is just what I got. I have provided the few links i could find on the website, I found these in my local Asda, so couldn't find many links.

This is a Burgundy Coat that was reduced from £20 to £10. I thought this coat was amazing, i love the coat, the style is exactly what i wanted, and it was only £10. I couldn't believe it. It feels lovely when worn, its so soft and cozy. The only thing I'm not very happy with is the "buttons" as the ends come of if you close them a bit too aggressive. Other than that everything is great, and I feel like I will truly enjoy this coat.  

My mam didn't like this jacket when i picked it up, but when i tried it on she started to like it more. I really like the peplum effect the jacket has. I think ill probably wear this with a nice shirt underneath and have the collar showing. This jacket was £8 reduced from £18, such a bargain.
My cousin has the frozen cd in her car and while I was home I have pinched it and put it in my car, as she will want it back soon, I bought it for myself. It is currently £5.

This is called the 'Winter Scene T-Shirt' I saw this on the website and wanted it straight away, so I was so glad when they had it in my local Asda. This was reduced from £8 to £4. The only thing i don't like about this is that its quite short and i like my tops to be a bit longer than this is.
I bought three pairs of jeans.

The first pair were reduced from £10 to £6. They are a really dark denim blue. They are really comfy and soft. These are in short length and I'm 5'4 so perfect length for me.

The next pair are described on the website as 'Acid Wash Skinny Jeans' these were reduced from £16 to £10. These are a greyish colour and are really comfy.

The final pair have a acid wash effect also but are blue. These were also reduced from £16 to £10.
I bought a few pairs of jeans as i have recently gone down a size so needed new jeans that didn't require a belt to keep them up. these were great as they are cheap but stylish, great buy.  

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