Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Reaching Goals of 2014! ~ Happy New Year

This time last year, I wrote on my phone the three things I wanted out of 2014. I said that if I achieved these goals, I would be happy with the year.

Throughout the year, I ticked off the goals I accomplished. On the 4th of september, I passed my driving test and completed my goals of 2014. These are the three main things that I wanted out of 2014, and the most important things that happened in my year. I turned 18 and had an amazing 18th Birthday with my family and friends around to celebrate with me. I got into university, got my A-level results and met some amazing people at university. Moving to university was a big deal for me, I have moved 3 hours away from my family and had to deal with living away from them. I moved into student accommodation, with 13 other girls (now 11), which was a big deal for me. I passed my driving test with only one minor.  I passed and then a week later, I went to university and after been at university without driving for so long, I get really nervous when I come home and have to drive. I'm glad that I got my licence though cause I know that if I went to university without my driving licence then I would never have started again and it would be a big regret of mine.

2014 has been a great year for me, obviously there has been some hard times, but overall I think I've had a pretty great year. I hope 2015 brings the same success as 2014. I haven't thought of what I want out of 2015 that much, I really just want to complete my first year at university and continue been happy with my life. Everyone has bad days, but we just have to realise there is always tomorrow and tomorrow could be the best day of your life.

Good luck for 2015 and Happy New Year

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