Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Review: Essence of Nature Candle by Victoria Meredith

I recently purchased these Essence of Nature Candle by Victoria Meredith from my local Card Factory. From the collection I decided to get the Gingerbread and the Cinnamon candles as I absolutely love these scents.  They were £1.99 each, you could get bigger and smaller candles in the collection in the same scents, I just chose this size as I prefer them this size. 
         The gingerbread candle smells absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend buying this candle. They burn really easily and I love the design of the packaging. They come in glass containers with white writing and grey lids on top with silver writing, it looks really expensive for such cheap 
 The cinnamon candle is my favourite out of the two, I absolutely love the smell. The container is the same style as the other candle, in a very classy and sophisticated looking glass container.
Apple and Cinnamon is my all time favourite, so anything with cinnamon is a win for me. Most people would think this is a scent for autumn and winter, which it is, but I would personally burn this candle any time of the year.
I would definitely recommend that if you cant afford yankee candles, or other expensive candles, and you are looking for a good candle with a strong scent I would definitely suggest you pop into your local card factory and purchase one of these. I don't think they are available online, or if all card factories stock them. But if yours does, get them, they smell amazing. 
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