Tuesday, 12 May 2015

MUA Haul Part 2

While MUA was having a sale, I decided to put another order in as they had products that weren't in the last sale when I placed my last order. 

The first products I bought were nail varnishes for 40p each. 40p for a nail varnish, what a bargain! From left to right the shades are; Shade 18, Shade 5, Shade 13, Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 4, Shade 3, and Shade 10.  

The shades in this picture from left to right are; Bright Plum, Shade 12, Shade 8, Shade 14, Shade 16, Stormy Skies, Shade 11, Shade 6, Shade 9, and Shade 7. These are great nail varnishes for 40p each, I would have preferred if they all had names, but i'm still happy with the products. 

Next I bought the MUA Matte Foundation in shade 3 Gentle Fawn for £1. Also I got 2 pressed powders, one in the shade Translucent and the other in Shade 1. When I ordered there was an offer that if you bought any foundation, you got pressed powder free so I got one of the pressed powders free and paid £1 for the other. 

Next, I got one palette called Ever After for £2. It has 10 shades, and they are all neutrals and all mattes. I think this will make some lovely looks, and can be used in a variety of ways. I love the fact that on the back of the palette, it has names for each eyeshadow. 

I bought this one Intense Kisses lip gloss, that I didn't have. This was 75p and is in the shade Kiss and Tell. 

I got 4 more Out There Pumping lip glosses for 50p each, as I loved the ones that I bought previously. These are in the shades from left to right; Pin Up Pink, Peach Shimmer, Candy Pink, and Sienna. The ones I bought previously were highly pigmented, so I cant wait to see how these one are. 

The only thing I bought that wasn't in the sale was these Sweet Sheen Lip Balms that were new to MUA, and these were £2 each. From left to right the shades are; Cherry Bomb, Pink Lilly, Coral Reef, Peach Dream, French Violet, and Rouge Rumba. 

The next thing I bought was these 5 Power Pouts for £1 each. The shades from left to right are; Justify, Broken Hearted, Rendezvous, Runway, Crazy in Love, and Irreplaceable. 

The last thing I bought were these 6 Lip Switch Matte Shine Duo for £1.50 each. The shades from left to right are; Coral Pink, Persian Plum, Pink Candy, Hot Fuschia, Brown Bay, and Crimson Ruby. 
I absolutely love everything I ordered from MUA, and definitely will be ordering again in the future. 
Thanks for Reading!

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