Monday, 4 May 2015

University Room Tour

I have recently finished my first year of university. I stayed in halls while at university as I thought it would give me more of the first year student experience. I thought I would show you what my room at university looks like, so if you are deciding to go to university you have an idea. Also as a memory for me, as I will never live here again. 

To the left when you walk through the door in my room, there is a sink with a mirror. As you can see on the sink I kept my toothbrush and toothpaste, some face scrubs that I use and a small bottle of shower gel that I used as hand soap. Next to the sink I kept my airier which I kept my hand towel and face towel on. Below the sink I kept my bin, bag of bags, black sacks, cleaning products, air freshener and washing powder. 


Next to the sink is my wardrobe. I remember the first thing I thought when I saw this, was 'My wardrobe doesn't have a door on!'. I hated the fact it didn't have a door on, I could always see the mess in the wardrobe, and as it was so small it was never tidy. To the top of the wardrobe I kept my jumpers, jackets, cardigans and blazers. The small shelf on the left had my towels, mouthwash and shower caddy with my shower supplies. The biggest section on the left had my tops and scarfs in. The bottom two small shelf on the left had my pyjamas in. On the right I had this clothes organiser with my dresses and my bottoms such as jeans, leggings and skirts. The last section on the right at the bottom had my knickers, bras, tights and socks in.

On the wall beside my bed, I had displayed pictures I had printed of my friends and family that I printed from an app called Free Prints. In the middle I have pictures that Hayden had drawn for me. 

This is my bed! I absolutely loved this bedding, I got it from wilkinsons and love the pattern. On my bed I kept my 3 cushions I got for christmas and behind them I have my wolf teddy and a dopey (dwarf from snow white and the seven dwarfs) teddy.  

Next to my bed, I didn't have a bedside table so I put these set of draws with my makeup and products in next to my bed as a bedside table. I also have my pink file organiser that I keep all my important documents in. 

Here is my bulletin board that came with the room. This is to the right of the door. I kept my yearly schedule that I got from the university when I arrived. I have my dream catchers pinned on here, as they kept falling of the wall. I have any notices I receive pinned on and a calender Hayden made for me. 

Below this, there was a radiator which was terrible, I was always cold. Under the radiator I kept some pairs of shoes, I have a pair of canvas trainers in grey, black plimsolls, burgundy ballet flats, nude heels, black heels, slippers, white ballet flats that I used for the shower, black ballet flats and black canvas trainers. 

This is opposite my bed, here is my desk and shelves.  I always kept my bag and jacket on the chair, and to the left there is two draws. In these draws i had school supplies in the top draw and hair electricals in the bottom. The two shelves underneath are filled with snacks, tea and hot chocolate. Underneath the desk, I kept draws filled with makeup, a tray to carry food from the kitchen and my school bag. 

Here are the shelves, on the top shelf I  kept picture frames with pictures of friends and family along with candle holders with battery powered candles as we weren't allowed real candles. The middle shelf had a picture of Hayden, a limo photo frame with me and my best friend at prom, some drink containers, my University books, teddies my mam's friend knitted me, fruity tea, and my dwarf ornaments. The bottom shelf has mugs, DVDs, books, kindle, money box, cameras, pug ornaments, sat nav, and an friend ornament my friend got me years ago. 

Here's my desk, this has my panda speaker, my macbook, baby wipes, bag with travel makeup in, mirror, deodorants, drinks, cotton pads, toilet roll, face cream, keys, and iPad. 

Here is the view from my window, I hated opening my curtains as everyone could see straight into my room. You can see my car from the view of my window, mine is the red and black ford ka.

Here I took pictures of the random cute homely things I had in my room. Here is my pug money box and teddy, I had these as I love pug and missed my pug while I was at University. 

Here is my dwarf ornaments, I couldn't bring my ornaments from home as I didn't want to break them but I brought these plastic ones.

My key holder with a picture of Hayden in. I kept this on my desk to keep me from losing my keys as if I lost my flat key I would of had to pay. 

Lastly my panda speaker, I just thought this was so cute and I had to take a picture of it. I loved living in halls at university and wouldn't change a thing. 
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