Monday, 29 June 2015

DIY Pearl Letter

I found the idea to make this Pearl Letter, on this pinterest post. I thought it looked amazing, and the post directs you to etsy where the lady was selling them. Instead of buying one as they were expensive, I decided to make one myself. 

I only bought 2 things and everything else I used, I already had around the house. It was really cheap and simple to make. 

I purchased this wooden letter from aliexpress. The link below is from the seller I used, and I had no problem with them. It is 8cm tall, so if you wanted a taller one, you will have to find a different listing. This listing is currently selling these wooden letters for 64p and have all letters available. 

I also bought these pearls from aliexpress. The link is the seller that I used and he currently sells them for £2.36 for 1,000 pearls. I got them in the shade Pearl White, but they have different shades. Each set comes with different size pearls and on the listing, it actually says how many of each size you receive. If you are using the same size letter as me, you will not use all of them.

To make this Pearl Letter, you will need:
~ A wooden letter of your choice
~ A bag of pearls of different shapes
~ PVA glue
~ Paintbrush to brush the glue on the letter
~ Tweezers to help transfer the pearls on the letter


Its as simple as sticking the pearls onto the letter. There is no specific order that you have to glue them on in, you can do it anyway you think looks good. I would recommend that you glue a small section, wait for it to dry then do another small section and so on. As I found that if I didn't wait for it to dry, they would move around when I tried to do the next section.


This is the final product, I absolutely love it. It looks great, mine is currently on display on one of my bookshelves in my bedroom. 

If you make this, please tag me on instagram or twitter as I would love to see them!
Thanks for Reading!

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