Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Try On: Blue Mini Peplum Dress from New Look

This is my second edition of the Try On series. This time, I'm wearing this blue mini peplum dress from New Look which I bought in my Small Haul post.


This dress has a quite revealing neckline, so I won't be wearing this around my family. The top of the dress is quite plain, it is shaped to make your boobs look bigger and to make your waist look thinner. You can see slightly on the picture that the dress has a faint line down the sides of the top of the dress that gives this illusion. 


The bottom of this dress, is in a peplum style, which I love. The peplum style is really flattering for bigger girls, as it hides your stomach. However this dress doesn't do this as the peplum is only on the sides and not on the front. I don't like this, as it makes my belly look bigger, so I would probably wear a shapewear waist cincher when I wear this dress.


The dress is quite short, coming about halfway down my thighs. As it is a mini style, I would probably wear this dress out clubbing with my friends rather than to a family event.

I really do like this dress. I absolutely love the colour of the dress, I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe, so definitely love the colour.
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