Friday, 31 July 2015

Poundshop Beauty Haul

Here is a quick haul of what I've recently purchased beauty wise from my local pound shops. 

I never really thought of finding beauty products in poundshops, until I saw a few videos on youtube and thought I would have a look in mine. I actually found some great bargains.

I found these 3 Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers in my local Poundstretchers. The price of these currently on boots website is £6.49, so what a bargain getting these for £1. I can't find any names on these, but I would describe the shades as; hot pink, nude pink, and a deep red colour. After I found these, I did some research and apparently, the only thing different to these Apocalips is that they have changed the packaging. Definitely a bargain in my eyes.

Next, I bought this Baby Lips lip balm from my local Poundworld. I think this is the Japanese version, I think, not sure so don't take my word for that. Baby Lips is the UK retail in Boots at £2.99. So not a huge saving, but for £1 who can complain. I don't think this lip balm has a scent, but I absolutely love the packaging of this. Coral/Peach and Mint are my favourite combination.

Next, I found this Tresemme Split End Repair Serum in my local Poundworld. This retails in Boots for £5.75. The only thing that is different from this one and the one on boots website, is that the one in Boots is called Tresemme Split Remedy instead of Split End Repair. For a £4.75 saving, I defiantly don't care that its called something different, its exactly the same product.

The last thing I got, was this LipSilk Strawberry Lip Balm from Poundworld. This is meant to be a dupe for the EOS lip balms. I actually don't like this product, I find it really drying so wouldn't recommend this. However I have never tried any EOS lip balms so don't know if its a dupe.

If you have ever tried any beauty products from poundshops, please leave a comment below.
Thanks for Reading!

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