Monday, 16 November 2015

University Haul - Bedroom

My Bedroom!
You may not know but I've recently moved into a house with two friends from university for my second year at University. So I thought I would show you what I've bought for the house and this year at university. Ive broken it into 3 sections; Bedroom, Kitchen and Stationary. 

As you can seen I'm absolutely obsessed with candles. The two big ones are from B&M and were £2.99 each, which I thought was such a bargain. They had loads of different scents in, but I got Strawberry and Vanilla. I can't remember how much the others were exactly, but they all were from Home Bargains. I think the blue one was £1.99, and the little ones were about 80p each.

If anyone has seen my last years University room tour, you will notice I have choose the exact same bedding this year. I have a double bed this year instead of a single like I had last year so had to get double or would of used last years. This was £16 from Wilkinsons, they still have it available so here is a link. I also got some light pink pillow cases as I have 4 pillows and you only get 2 with the duvet cover. These are from asda and were only £2. I also got the matching bottom sheet from Asda for £6.

I got this cute little set of 3 drawers from the Store 21, but don't know how much it was, as I bought it ages ago.

 I got this photo frame from B&M on sale for £1.99.

I got these set of 3 suitcases and a set of 5 circle storage boxes from the works for 2 for £10. Great Bargain, love the colours and the design. 

                                          I got these pink plant pots from B&M for 99p each.

My auntie gave me these blue plant pots as she had used them for my cousins 18th birthday for sweet trees, but didn't need them anymore.

I got this off cream/light pink throw from primark for £4.50.

My auntie also gave me these so don't know how much they were, but I do know she got them from Home Bargains.

These are the cushions i've bought to put on my bed. The back two are from B&M and were 2 for £10. The two small hearts are from primark and were £3 each.

As some of you may know, I'm obsessed with Pugs. i got this pug door stop from B&M for £4.99.

                           I got these cute photo frames from the Store 21 for £2 each.


                                  I also got this jewellery holder from the Store 21 for £3.


                                     I got these lights from primark in the sale for £3.

                             I got these little 'Dont forget' pegs from the Store 21 for £1 each.


                                      I got this decorative sand from B&M for 99p.


I got this mattress protector from asda for £5 as it was on sale during the back to school season. 


                                        I got this decorative jar from B&M for £1. 

I got this amazing mirror from B&M for £19.99. I absolutely love this mirror, I've wanted it for ages but never had anywhere to put it so me having a fireplace in my room basically gave me an excuse to by it. 


                            I got this cute little mirror from Argos on sale for £3.49.


Lastly, I go this mirror/drawers for my birthday from my family. I do however know they got it from Chiltern Mills for £19.99 as I chose it. I would like to say that I also have everything I had previously, this is just the new stuff I've bought or been given.
Thanks for Reading!

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