Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas Eve 2015


               Christmas Eve always starts with us preparing the vegetables for Christmas dinner. 


                          Hayden chilling after all that work, in his super cute christmas jumper.

                                                         Opening our Christmas Eve boxes.


Hayden opening his Christmas eve box and looking cute in his new Christmas eve pyjamas.  


                                             All of us posing in our new Christmas eve pyjamas.


Hayden getting ready to put out this reindeer dust and placing his new santa's key on the door. We've always had a santa key, but Hayden got a new one this year in his christmas eve box. 


Hayden putting out his reindeer dust. For as long as I remember, we have always put out reindeer dust. Now Hayden is the only little one in the house, so he puts it out on his own now. 

              After putting out the reindeer dust, we all joined in to make a gingerbread house. 


   Hard at work decorating the house. It actually turned out ok, which is better than I expected.


Hayden then put out his plate for santa. Including carrots for Rudolf and the reindeers, homemade cookie for santa and a drink for santa. 
                                                                      Thanks for Reading!

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