Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Day 1 ~ Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar 2015

                            Day 1 of my Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar 2015.


This year I got the Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar. I have never had a makeup advent calendar before so thought I would attempt to post what I receive every day. Currently you can get this advent calendar for £20 at the moment from Superdrug.

            The calendar itself is pure black, with gold outlines and stars. Absolutely beautiful!


                                                                  Day 1!


                                       Behind door 1, is this bright red nail varnish.

      This is such a beautiful colour, it definitely a christmasy red. I can't wait to wear this. 
I hope you've enjoyed day 1, come back tomorrow to find out whats behind door number 2.

                                                            Thanks for Reading!

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