Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Christmas Day 2015

My Christmas Day 2015!

This is our front room on Christmas morning.


Mam and Dad's presents!


Hayden opening his presents.


and again...


Hayden opening some more. 


Annabelle loving her presents. 


Annabelle eating her treat and sitting on dad's lap.

Everyone coming and visiting. 


Hayden in his helmet for his quad bike.


Me making Hayden's head straight for a picture. 


Hayden posing on his quad.

Hayden's quad, which when dad tried to put it together on christmas eve's night realised the company hadn't sent have the parts for it, so we couldn't put it together. We were absolutely devastated as this was one of his main presents. 

Hayden in his bike gear. 


Ashleigh opening her presents. 


Hayden looking cute and excited.


My three little cousins in their new leather jackets.

Me and Ashleigh!

Everyone relaxing after dinner.

Auntie Sam and Luke.

Hayden presents all opened.


This was a few days after christmas, but Hayden attempting to use his roller blades he got of me. It was a total fail.


This Christmas seemed so hectic, I hope next year is much calmer. It was still a great day with all the family drama and the quad not being all there. Can't wait till next year, Christmas is definitely my favourite time of the year.
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