Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas Eve Box 2015

This is the first year we have had Christmas eve boxes. Me and my sister had pretty much the same in our boxes, but my little brother had different such as his santa's plate and reindeer dust.


 Here is my Christmas Eve box. 

Along with the box I got these Harry Potter slipper. I love these slippers the colour scheme is exactly what I like. 

I absolutely love the pattern inside the slippers.

Here is the overview of what I got inside my box. 


The chocolate and sweets I got inside where; a bar of diary milk winter edition, peppermint tree lolly, a chocolate orange, a chocolate Santa and a big chocolate coin. I also got a cup for hot chocolate, we didn't get hot chocolate and marshmallows in our boxes as we already had them in the cupboard at home. 


The DVD I got inside was Beauty and the Beast. I know its not christmassy but my mum knows I collect the disney dvd's, and asked me which ones I didn't have and she got me this one. 


I got 2 pairs of socks. A pair of giant candy cane ones and a pair of fluffy bear ones that we all got. Amy also got the candy canes ones. 


We got this cute little 'santa's milk' bottle. Which is adorable. 

Finally I got these pyjamas, the bottoms are in the wash but can be seen in my Christmas Eve post. Me and Amy got the same pyjamas to wear on Christmas eve. I think we will definitely do Christmas Eve boxes next year. 
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